Things you ought to know when buying a roof access ladder

By AngelaWashington

Your safety is among the most important things that you need to think about whenever you are in your workplace. Whether you are working on heights or not, you have to make sure that you have the right safety harness adelaide just in case something happens when you are working.  However, most people never pay any attention to their safety, and therefore, whenever they trip or fall while working, they get injured seriously while others die immediately after the accident.  

As a commercial or residential roofer, you need to make sure that your security is among your main concerns before you begin your job. This is to make sure that you keep yourself safe when you are working. A roof access ladder is among the important things that you have to purchase anytime you are planning to be offering roofing services to your clients. With the roof access ladder, you can climb safely to the roof and at the same time, you get to access the roof without too much struggle. 

This means that a roof access ladder is a crucial investment and you ought to select the right one for your roofing job. When it comes to selecting a roof access ladder, there are so many things that you need to learn to ensure that you are not confused when it comes to selecting the right roof access ladder from the many you find in the market.

Things to know before buying a roof access ladder

The following are the major things that you ought to know for you to invest in the best roof access ladder:

  • You must find a roof access ladder with the proper style

There are different types of ladders that you can use for your roofing jobs. All these ladders come in different styles which include fixed and mobile ladders. When buying a roof access ladder to use for your home roofing needs, you can buy a fixed roof access ladder but for your job, you will require a roof access ladder that is mobile. The mobile roof access ladders also come in different styles such as:

  • Self-supporting- Also known as A-frame ladders or stepladders
  • Non-self-supporting – Also called an extension or straight ladder. It must clean up against the wall for it to be secure.
  • A roofing ladder – It is the most commonly used type of roof access ladder.
  • A roof access ladder must be of the required height

It is also important for you to know that the height of the roof access ladder you purchase is very essential as far as your safety is concerned. As you select your roof access ladder, make sure that it is taller than the roof you are accessing to ensure that there is an extra length to provide you with a surface you can hold on to as you get off the roof access ladder.

  • A ladder’s duty rating matters

Roof access ladders can hold different amounts of weights depending on their types and grades.

You need to know that the duty rating of the roof access ladder matters a lot and it should guide you on the roof access ladder to select. You need to select a roof access ladder whose duty rating is more than your weight and the weight of the materials that you have to carry with you up the roof.

  • Roof access ladders are made using different materials

You should also know that roof access ladder is made using different materials such as aluminium, wood, steel. Consider the type of materials that are best for your roofing job before you purchase your roof access ladder.


If you want to make mistakes when you are selecting your roof access ladder, get to the market and begin selecting a ladder without knowing the above facts. However, now that you have already gone through them, you will have a very easy time selecting your roof access ladder.  You will always be assured of your safety and efficiency when offering your roofing services to your clients.


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